Over the years Eveline Reinhard has developed her own way ofinteracting with horses.
She starts from the horse itself, everything is based on the animals natural nature.
The most important aspect of a horse might be the fact that it is an animal that willes to escape.
When dealing with a horse one must always be remain aware of this particular feature.
Ultamately she has learned most from the horses themselves.
This comes from ours of observing between horses in the herd and nothing for instance the hierarchie in the herd.

Every now and then there is discord between the horse and its rider.
That may be caused by a fall.
It is also possible that the horse is in pain.
If this is not acknowledged by the rider or bystanders, the horse will be perceived as stubborn.
When the cause of this stubbornness hqas been eliminated, the problem will still not have been solved!
The trust will have been broken and riding will only cause a lot of stress!
Eveline Reinhard is able to restore such trust.
She always achieves good results!

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